Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunny days

I love the hot and sunny days. We've been so busy lately (and still are) I feel I hardly have the time to slow down and enjoy them. We had a wonderful weekend full of the Lord, we went to services Friday night, worked with gathering food (for the upcoming missions trip we are going on) from Walmart on Saturday morning, cleaned the church, had drama practice, went to services Saturday night, Church Sunday morning, drama practice again and Tony preached an awesome message Sunday night, the girls and I also performed the drama we had been working on all week. It was an AWESOME time in God!

Looking back over my posts I see that the desire to have another child resurfaced. Which is fine with me as long as its peaceful, accepting....just allowing and not controlling me. I'm not thinking about it daily. I'm not upset if it doesn't happen. I trust my Father to make these decisions for me and I'm content with His choices.

I'm mostly disappointed in myself for being so upset about the situation that came up with my friend, because I feel that my emotions rattled me so that I couldn't really be there for her the way I needed to be, kwim?

I think my friend is finally accepting the fact that she has been scammed and has lost a great deal of money. Pray for her.

Going to head to the kitchen to begin dinner, steaks, new potatoes and cooked summer squash. Mmmm

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