Thursday, November 13, 2008

I started on Monday

and I didn't even cry or have a smidgen of regret but boy has it been heavy. I've felt like dookie. Fur real! :) I'm staying busy, schooling our hearts away, cooking, cleaning, painting, church plays, shopping...hardly time to think straight. Tonight it felt so good just to listen to the quiet...well the quiet with the hamster running in her's almost 2 and that's gonna kill me in the morning!

If any of you have ever considered homeschooling you have just got to check out My Father's World take the time to read about them and their incredible ministry of translating the bible into other languages. What a great cause to support. Their curricula is life changing too. God is so good.

I'm still checking on and praying for all of you!!


Alicia said...

You sound so bussy girl! Yes, God is good! When the Lord blesses us(Hubby/me) with children I will be homeschooling, Lord willing anyway. Not only does the child get a better education but they get to be discipled and taught things of the Lord. I'll have to check out that link. God Bless!

Belouise said...

Good to hear that you are still staying strong. I know that busyness well lately, too...whew! If you've checked my blog you'll know that I "caved" a bit but I'm back on track again, knowing that the LORD has a plan in all of this and I'm ready to move on again. Today is my last miscarriage due date and I have been fine. I know that with it coming up I started clinging to the idea of getting pregnant again, but the LORD's grace got me through. Anyway, it was good to see a post again! Oh, and MFW is fantastic. I used it with my DS last year for K and am using the preschool stuff this year with my DD. However, we switched to Ambleside Online this year and love it. Blessings to you!!!

These Three Kings said...

wow.. I am encouraged at the PEACE that SURPASSES UNDERSTANDING THAT our Father is giving you!
Continue to TRUST in HIS promises as they will calm all the storms of life