Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 19

I was trying so very hard not to update until the first week was down, which isn't until this Friday....but I check here almost everyday and its hard not to post!

I'm doing so so. Emotionally I'm fine, but my body feels weird. I have had a crampy/achy sort of feeling, like a pulling on my left side almost constantly since my IUI. It's not over bearing or anything just present, sometimes it feels like its gently throbbing, if there is such a thang. Sometimes I feel it on my right side too, but mostly its on my left. Today was really only day 5 after my IUI so from what I'm reading this is common.

The other thing, (and this is getting really personal so if you don't want to read about something gross quit reading here!!!) I've had an irritation *down there* since the procedure. At first I just thought I was just a little sore, but then I started burning lightly, and I was very red and sensitive, I thought it was normal but here 5 days later, I have a slight discharge (no smell) its milky, (I know, wayyy TMI) and I'm very raw inside and out of me, very itchy, and I have a hard time wiping myself because I'm so raw.

From my experience with things like this, and I have very little let me inform you, I think its a yeast infection but I'm not comfortable using something that I have to put inside of me, I mean, especially if I were pregnant, you know? I should have called my RE today but I dread the call, so I pushed it off thinking it would just get better but tonight I realize, ummmm that ain't happening. So tomorrow I'm going to call them and see what they say.

If you all want to share your experiences please feel free to talk with me in my comment section. Right now I need someone who's been there! Ya know?

I still have 9 more days and it feels like years away and yet at the same time I want it to take its time. Sometimes hoping you are is better than knowing you aren't. Of course I'm having faith that I am right now!! I'm praying it's my Father's will. Lord let it be so.

So...come on ladies, don't leave me hanging, what's going on with me?


Anonymous said...

My guess would also be a yeast infection, but knowing you just had a procedure done - well, you never know. Hopefully it's not anything more severe, not that yeast infections are fun.

And I agree with sometimes for sanity's sake, it's better to hope you are pregnant than know you are not. (Hence how well I'm coping with a faint positive test and spotting. I'm just enjoying it right now.)

annie said...

Sounds like a yeast infection to me too... I get them pretty often unfortunately. One thing that helps me is a cream called aloe vesta that was recommended for izzy when she was in the hospital and all the meds caused her to get severe diaper rash. The nurse said it was the best thing and that if I used it daily it would provide a barrier. I have used it daily on her and she has not had one problem in over four years since the accident. Also if I am getting a yeast infection I will use a little and it helps me too and isn't something that has to be internal. I had to have my cvs order it but it's over the counter. I wish I had known about it when my others were babies.

Thanks for checking in on us... Izzy seems okay this morning. She acted like her hip hurt during the night and with the sublexing that is pretty common but we prayed and finally got a little sleep. I'm praying she is okay today for school and that her hips are healed.

My Quest said...

Yup, sounds like a yeast infection, but who knows, it may be implanation manifesting in another form! I pray it goes away and the real issue appear.
Just hang in there it will come. Nothing is wrong with you we all act that way, it may be excitement, or anxity.
Hope is better than Despair so hope in the lord who bringth all things to pass


Alicia said...

Oh.....sounds so uncomfortable!I've never had your symptoms after my IUIs but it does sound like a yeast infection. I never had the pulling sensation either, hopefully good signs. I know what you mean about the waiting.........It seems to last forever. Hang in there! I will be praying for you and I hope to hear good news soon.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment. I see you just had IUI. If I ever start I will be having that procedure done in a couple of weeks. Hope to hear good news about your's. i pray that all goes well for you.

Tiffany Stuart said...

I am here not because I know about what you are going through. I don't. But I am here to say I am here for you. May God be your comforter as you wait on Him.

And also thank you for understanding my heart on my recent blog post. Your words made me feel not so alone.

Thank you, friend.

Jen said...

Hmm, I don't have a lot of advice re: the irritation. I've actually never had a yeast infection and the only issues I had from IUIs was bad cramping a time or two. Still, I hope it's nothing... and I hope and pray the pulling is something. :)

Nikki said...

Hi - I stumbled upon your blog today, and had to respond.

Are you on progesterone suppositories since your IUI? If you are, then you could just be having a reaction to the progesterone.

I've had a similar itchy raw reaction to progesterone in the past, and at first thought it was a yeast infection. I called my nurse and was told I was probably having a reaction. She told me to wash the area a few times every day, and if it doesn't go away, they would change my prescription from suppositories to PIO injections.

Good luck!

beth ewing said...

the pulling could be implantation. that occurs typically 6-10 days after ovulation but 5 would not be that rare. don't know about the yeast infection but i think a doctor should probably check it out.