Monday, March 9, 2009

Immediate Prayer Needed

As some of you may know my sister in law has temporary custody of a little boy named Aiden who's mother is in prison. I've requested prayer her and on my blog for him for the last seven months. It's been a hard time for me. I just haven't known what to do or what not to do where his care is concerned. I've shared some of the signs of drug use and things that my sister in law has shown and has done things that are not in Aiden's best interest. I've been told repeatedly that I should report her but that is such a hard thing to do.

I have had Aiden for the last week. My sister in law allows me to care for him every so many weeks. When I left Aiden my was heart was very sad. My sister in law was so messed up. I begged my sister in law to see the situation and allow Aiden to come back home with me and she refused. She kept saying she was fine.

This morning my mother in law called my sister in law's doctor. My mother in law told the doctor of her daughter's behavior. The doctor said that this behavior would not come from the medications that he had prescribed to her. He said that because of this phone call, by law, he had to report her to social services.

In order to try and keep Aiden from going into foster care I called his mother in prison. She agreed over the phone to allow my husband Tony and I to have temporary custody of Aiden until she gets out of prison in 10 months. Please pray that all transpires with no problems. I have no way of knowing the mother's state of mind or heart or even if what she has told me is true. If she is lying to me then Aiden will probably go into foster care, or to some of her family (which would not be ideal), this will be hard for me but I know will be better for Aiden than where he is, although in my opinion the best situation is here in my home.

Please pray in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for everyone involved in this situation. I have a hard time knowing how to pray when my heart is so involved.

Thank-you so much.


Alicia said...

On my knees praying for you and the situation.

Love Alicia

Rebecca said...

Tears are in my eyes for this sweet innocent boy and for the compassion that God has placed in your heart for him. I'm praying for God's best for everyone involved, the baby, the mom, you and your family, your sister-in-law....Please intervene Sovereign God!

Stacey said...

I will be praying for the very best situation for this special little boy (and for you too, of course)!