Monday, March 23, 2009

Weigh In- Week 7

Sorry I'm late in posting this weeks update. I've been so incredibly busy. I weighed in on Friday at 183 so, I'm down another pound for a grand total of 15 pounds in 7 weeks. I wish the loss would pick up speed, it would be nice to be losing more than one pound a week but again, I can live with this kind of loss.

I have done very good in continuing to eat a lower carb diet with my the carbs that I am eating being complex carbs. I have also been faithful to exercise although this past week was aunt flo week so I only worked out three days. I'm still proud though. I pushed through those classes because honestly, I wanted to stay home. So the fact that I went is an accomplishment for me. I'm still drinking all water and taking my vitamins. Feeling good and moving forward!

Continue to lift up baby Aiden in your prayers. I haven't gotten to see him nor have I heard anything about him. By taking the steps that I did to see to it that things were reported I alienated myself from him. That hurts but at the same time I know I did what was best for him. I done all that I could within my own control and the rest must be left to the authorities and to the Lord. I continue to pray that the Lord will move him to a safe haven and that the Lord continue to place a hedge of protection around him until this happens.

Thanks ladies!


Alicia said...

I will be sure to pray for that baby boy. I'm so proud of you and your weight loss, it's great!

Love alicia

sue said...
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