Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heaven's Update

Okay, yesterday we went in to the doctor. Since it's Heaven's first visit they refused to see her. We didn't have an appointment we just showed up. Her appointment isn't until the 12th. I was persistent. They finally had the nurse go and talk to the doctor. This is the same doctor that delivered Sky and Meadow for me. I love them. They are very good.

After speaking with the doctor the nurse came out and told us that this is very normal. I stopped her right there. "No, I'm 38 years old and I've never heard of this before in my entire life"...(well, except on my blog!) She said, "I'm being honest, it happens. We believe everything is fine BUT just to be on the safe side we are sending her for blood work today and depending on the results, we may be sending her again in 48 hours."

In talking more in-depth with Heaven I discovered a weird thing. Her last period in September was 18 days late.

She took five pregnancy test.

3 invalid

1 negative

1 positive

This will throw more into the mix if we discover she is further along than we originally thought.

She can't remember her period that month when she did get it. That is aggravating to me. She can't remember if her period was normal, light ect... just that she wrote down that her period started on September 10th.

On the positive end, her pregnancy signs are increasing. She is getting heavy nausea both when she does eat and when she does not. She is constipated and has numerous other signs. These are good things!

She is still spotting, dark brown again, a tiny amount. The size of a dime and sometimes a quarter. She is not cramping.

I did not experience this, ever, with my pregnancies. I only experienced the light pink tinge of implantation. I have read that Heaven's type of spotting happens in 25 percent of women. Of the 25 percent, half of the pregnancies are normal. I'm praying Heaven will fall in THAT percentage.

I speak life over Heaven's womb and ask the Lord to save the life of this unborn child. In Jesus Christ' mighty name.

So please continue your prayers.

The doctor's office just called. They apologized for not being able to call us yesterday with the results. It was hard waiting. Her blood work came back great! I'm so glad! They have scheduled an ultrasound tomorrow at 12:45. The nurse said they would compare the sonogram to the blood work and that if things didn't match up they would order more blood work.

If you feel led, please go into intercession for this baby!
Thank-you SOOOO much!
I'll update again tomorrow!


Dave and Elaine said...

Just prayed! Please update as soon as you can :)

Teresa said...

Good to hear from you too :) I'm very happy to hear her bloodwork came back perfect. Although it sounds to me (you know Dr. Teresa haha) that she needs progesterone. Have they said anything about those levels?

Laura said...

Hi! I have been reading for a while and had to comment on Heaven's spotting. With my first son, I started spotting at 5 weeks. My doctor also said this was normal. Then, at 11 weeks, I started spotting again with clots coming out. I rushed to the hospital, panicked, and they found the heartbeat and my cervix was closed. I was told again that this was normal (I was still freaking out! Who wouldn't be?!?!) I ended up spotting/bleeding off and on through the ENTIRE nine months! I was scared everytime and called the dr. everytime. It was so frustrating spotting all the time and thinking each time I was losing my little boy. I ended up delivering a healthy 7 pound 3 oz little boy at 38 weeks. I was one of the 25 percent that spotted/bleed the whole pregnancy. I hope Heaven's little one is okay and I will pray that the spotting stops soon!

Alicia said...

YES!Thank you Jesus! I'm so glad that every thing looks good with the blood work. I'm sure that the ultrasound will be good too :)