Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Okay I'm finally home.

So far so good!

They compared her sonogram to her blood work and both are saying 5 weeks. The doctor says it is very probable that she is just not as far long as they thought. He explained that all women ovulate at different times each month and its highly possible she ovulated late which would put her at 5 weeks instead of 8.

She has NOT spotted today. She only spotted once yesterday evening.

The plan is to return next Friday and they are going to do more blood work to check her HSG levels and they are going to do another sonogram to compare to the blood work. This will show if things are progressing in a timely manner or not. So praise God!

Thank-you all for praying us through thus far!

So we are in for another week of waiting.

They found something else.

When they did her sonogram they discovered that she has two full uteruses. Her ovaries are normal, only two. Next week he is going to examine her to check for two cervixes. I've never heard of this before in my entire life. The doctor says that this happens in every 150 women. I surely wouldn't think it's that common. Maybe I misunderstood the number. She is pregnant in the left uterus. Two different nurses we spoke with today knew women with two uteruses and both had had two babies at once, one of the women had had two babies twice. They do not call this twins because they are in different uterus's. Have any of you ever heard of this?

The doctor says that this will not cause complications with her pregnancy, nor do women with this have a higher chance of miscarriage so there is no need for concern. It just strikes me as very odd.



 I've been reading and found different statistics. 
1 in 2500 and 1 in 1000. 

I've read that because she has two they aren't as big as one. This means that even though there is one baby she'd carry it as though it were twins, having only half the room. There seems to be a high rate of preterm labor due to lack of room. There are also many that carry full term. 

If we discover there are in fact duplicate cervixes then there will always be a possibility of  her conceiving in both uteruses. 

 Miscarriage rates seem to be the same for women with double uteruses as they are in women without, you just never know. They were higher in women who had a second uterus with no cervix, due to the egg planting in the wrong uterus. 
Without a cervix it can't survive.

We will definitely have more questions next week when we return. 

From what I read, she'll be considered high risk with a higher risk of c-section. 

The doctor brushed it off as though it were nothing. He did say he'd be looking for the duplicate cervix next week. 

Definitely keep her covered in prayer.


Carrie said...

Um, wow. No, I've never heard of that before. That's crazy!


Jesus, My Best Friend said...

i've heard of it. it's amazing because i hadn't heard of alot of mullerian abnormalities until i was diagnoised with half of a uterus last halloween. but God is good and He made her and i both in those unique ways for a reason.... to give Him glory when He works this precious miracles in our lives with these precious babies! Praying for u guys!

Alicia said...

Still praying for Heaven and her baby :) I've never heard of two uterus' before, kinda cool.

Stacey said...

Hey girl, I'm just getting caught up on your posts for the week & will definitely be praying for this situation. I imagine it has been a very stressful week for everyone. Praying, praying, praying! Keep us posted.

(And no, I have never heard of that either!)

My Quest said...

Hi there, I have been out of sorts for a while but am back to my normal self. I read all your post going back to October. I am so sorry to hear about Heaven. She's in my prayer. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. He who has begun a good work will perfect it.

I am fine by God's grace, it's tough waiting to be pregnant again. Btu I am trying to remain strong and positive. Thanks for asking after me. it's been a very stressful summer I am taking it easy as the year winds down and hope for a nice Christmas gift from the father above.

Love and kisses.


Jenileigh said...

((((Rina)))) So glad you are back sweetheart. Thanks for your prayers and much love to you!