Monday, January 19, 2009

Remember When

I posted back in December that I was sewing costumes and the Lord told me He had plans for me but that He wasn't revealing them all just yet but that I would have many children? Well in church Sunday night our Pastor called me up and spoke word over me. It was confirmation of what He had shown me at Christmas. I hadn't shared it with anyone but you guys here on my blog.

I wish I could remember every precious word but the Pastor said, "The Lord sees your heart, your heart is so tender and so big. I see children all around you, children with brown hair, blonde hair, little children, older children, like stair steps all around you. The Lord says, He is going to use you to minister to them and pull them up and out of the mess." There was so much more but I can't recall every word. I just know I heard it from the Lord and had visions from Him in December and this confirmation, this reminder, was so needed!

I just want to give thanks to Him for showing me once again that the purpose that He has for me is so much more important than the one I had for myself. My vision is changing. My direction, my desire, my wants are changing direction. The same but different. I want to help these children, I want to shine Jesus for them. I want to be ready. I don't want one to suffer because I didn't take heed or prepare. I don't want to waste my life wanting something that isn't God's will.

Lord thank-You. Please Father, keep Your hand upon me and help to keep me focused. I love and praise You. Amen!

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Teresa said...

That gave me some serious chills! How awesome!!!