Sunday, October 25, 2009

Changed My Mind

I did decide to go ahead and start another blog just for my weight loss. I'll still post a weigh in here and try to update on me and Heaven and how things are going. I don't want to let The Red Stain die but I don't know how much infertility related things I'll be posting.

I can say that this month I ovulated hard. I cramped extra hard during the time I was passing the stringy cervical fluid. Dh and I did not umm.....have relations during this time. In one sense I'm almost afraid to chance getting pregnant. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, even to me. It's just how I'm feeling right now.

Tony has been on extra short time and we're struggling a little more now than ever before. Mostly due to the credit card bill I ran up trying to conceive. I know the Lord will see us through but I almost feel guilty at times. Then I remember, if I hadn't of done it, I'd always wonder if there was a problem or something wrong with me so I let it go. What is done is done and during the season I was in it was the best thing at that time.

So I'll keep updating things like this. :) I love seeing what God is doing in so many of your lives and knowing that He has something awesome planned for others. With God, you never know when, but He is awesome and mighty and He always comes through.

Even if its in ways we'd never expected.

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