Thursday, October 8, 2009

It Came Today

FInally, another one of those late months.

A 32 day cycle.

All in all it was an okay month, I was irritable this week and I was hoping the stain would come sooner. I have a ALL day field trip planned for tomorrow and it'll be a bit more difficult for me on my heaviest day. I've been looking forward to this trip to the science museum for a while now. Tomorrow it'll probably be crowded because everything is free and I'm sure everyone will talk advantage of that, just like we are.

I am planning to go on another field trip with the whole family (I hope) to see a life size replica of the Tabernacle. I've been reading and studying on this for a little over a year or so. I read a wonderful book called The Fleshing Floor by Juanita Bynum and it included so many details and scripture and why the Tabernacle was built. Very powerful and moving book. I've been intrigued about the Tabernacle since then. Next year Sky will studying the Tabernacle as part of her Bible in My Father's World and we will be building a small replica of the Tabernacle here. How amazed I was when I discovered that there was an actual life size replica close to us for a small amount of time, October 16th through the 25th. I'll definitely share about it if we get to go.

We are having a great homeschool year so far. I've been up at 7 everyday this week. I'm so proud of me! It's very hard for me to go to sleep at night even getting up early. I pray it'll come more natural to me as I go on. We are finishing school really early during the days and having plenty of time for chores.

Well, I just wanted to update a little. Praying all is well everyone.


Alicia said...

Don't ya hate those late cycles!?! Have fun at the science museum tomorrow :) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and your prayers.

Dave and Elaine said...

Good to get a little update from you!