Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying Again

I'm once again going to attempt to take off this weight that I've gained in the last 8 years since having my sweet Meadow.

You thought I was going to say I was trying something else...........................didn't you?


I seriously gave a lot of thought to creating a blog just for that because in one sense it has nothing to do with infertilityl, BUT due to the fact that I already have three quite active blogs I simply couldn't justify it. AND many of those who struggle with infertility are asked to shed some pounds. I've been reading the blog All You Who Hope for a long while now and she is very inspiring to me. She was told she needed to lose and she did, she never faltered. She set her mind to it and she did it. I'm so proud of her.

The next thing is to figure out how. What do I want to do to lose weight?

I've decided, once again, I know...I know... but- I've decided to do Atkins, extreme low carb, induction phase at 20 carbs a day. I started this actually on October 13th weighing in at an incredible 195 pounds. I've weaned myself back to drinking water and I'm almost caffeine free. I have had to have a cup of coffee or 1/2 a can of Diet Mt. Dew to keep the headaches away. There was no way I was going to suffer that 7 day withdrawal headache again. Every day that the headache came I would drink something and within 20 minutes the headache was gone. Crazy isn't it?

For those of you who read here you know that earlier this year I started a weight loss process and I was successful for 12 weeks and lost down to 178 pounds for a total of a 20 pound loss. I've gained almost all of that back just shy of 4 pounds.

I had been feeling the Lord nudge me to do something about my weight for a while. I would sort of push it back in my mind and think to myself, "Another time." The biggest reason for that is my failure rate. I start and stop, I lose then gain, like a yo yo. Remember?

Lately I've been spending a lot of time remembering. Remembering back to when I did lose weight and how good I felt about myself. How I came out of my shell and had this sheer joy and confidence. I even remembered words that I had spoken, such as, "Now that I actually know what its like to be little and feel so good I'll NEVER ever allow myself to be heavy again." In one way those words have sort of haunted me. I look at myself and I know that losing weight is not impossible for me. I know it's not unattainable.

I can do it.

If I only will.

So finally I just got to this place and felt like I HAD to do it and that I HAD to do it now. I'm very thankful that so far it has not been hard or a struggle for me at all. Watching the Biggest Loser is VERY helpful to me too. I asked my husband to do this diet with me. I started on Tuesday and by Saturday morning he agreed to come on board! I was so excited! It is so much easier to do this together than it is to do this separately! He needs it too, just as much as I do. I'm praying that this will be something that we can be successful in together.

I currently do not have a scales. I weighed my starting weigh at my mother in laws and I've ordered a scale online and it's been shipped. Now I'm just waiting on it to arrive. :) So I'll start my weigh in post this Friday IF the scale is here. It'll be week one for me and my husband. I'll be a few days over and he'll be one day shy! I want us to weigh in together once a week and NOT daily. I know for me, weighing in daily can be disheartening.

Well-for now that is it.

(I also learned a lot about the Low GI Diet from All You Who Hope. I have ordered that book and cookbook because I know that I cannot live on Atkins forever and I want to have a fall back plan. I do NOT want to go back to doing NOTHING.)


allyouwhohope said...

I am so proud of YOU! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were.

I will keep you in my prayers as you start this diet. You can do it! I also find the Biggest Loser so inspirational. It's just a good reminder that weight loss really is simple - if you stick to it, you WILL lose weight. None of those contestants try really hard and then don't have success. They all have success because they are eating right (and working out, but I've never really been good at that part!).

I went off my diet after my surgery and I've recently gained five pounds. I've been back on the diet, but lately I've been eating carbs with a side of carbs! I need to go full steam again.

beth ewing said...

sounds exciting. i need to lose weight too but now is not a good time (although at 15 weeks i haven't put on but like a pound). my hubby will be deployed after baby so i know it's the best time for me to lose the weight. like you, i can't do it if he's eating whatever he wants. can't wait to see your progress.

and yes, i thought you were going to say something else.

My Quest said...

Go for it, you can do it.