Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 28

Here I am.


I can say I really think I'm getting ready to see the red stain. I have all the classic signs including the cramping. Oh and my temperature dropped below my coverline on day 24 and this morning day 28. I had read online that one drop a few days well before your stain is due is a good sign and can be a sign of implantation. I was really excited. BUT when it dropped below my coverline again today, I pretty much know its a sign of my stain. I think the biggest thing keeping me from sinking is knowing our plan for next month or the month after. However my cycle falls.

I spoke with my nurse at my RE's office today and if I see the red stain tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday we are going to forego any treatment this month.

IF it holds off until Monday we are going to be aggressive this cycle.

If not I will begin treatment again NEXT month.

(If indeed I am not with child now.)

I have an appointment on Monday either way to go in for a session to learn how to give myself injectables. I'm not sure which one they will use for me yet, I believe they will do another test to determine this.

Basically I'll do either Clomid or Femera. I'm undecided on which one to use The draw back being the emotions I experienced the first two months on it. The clomid did work well for me and my lining was nice and thick. I do sort of have a question looming in the back of mind wondering if the Femera works as good as the Clomid. I would appreciate any opinions you may have about these two.

Then I would do injectables along with the Ovidrel shot after finding the mature follicles, oral progesterone and finally one IUI. I inquired about 2 IUI's but she says that in their office they only recommend one because they use to do 2 and didn't see a higher conception rate with 2.

This aggressive cycle will probably drain us financially as low as we can allow ourselves to go for now. So if it isn't successful I will give my body several months off and wait for tax time while praying dh can sell his motorcycle.

Well, that's about it for now.

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