Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Different Place

Today I was reading back through my blog.

Two years.

It's a long time and yet 2 years isn't long at all.

For me,  last year is almost an eternity ago.

I can't believe the place I was in. It's so easy to forget the pain. Reading my own words is like looking into someone else's life.

I'm so thankful that I started this blog. I'm so thankful that I can go back and read where I was and what I went through. I'm so thankful that the Lord has healed me and brought me to a new place.

I'm thankful that I have met each of you. SO many of you now have a baby! I think,  if I'm counting right only 3 of you are still waiting. A few of you are on your journeys to #2. I continue to pray for all of you, that every family will have as many children as they want.

May the New Year of 2010 bring more answered prayers and God richly bless each of you!


Alicia said...

Thank you!!!! May He richly bless you as well :)

Sheri said...

I just popped in to say hi! May God bring you a wonderful year.


Stacey said...

It is interesting to look back and read your own words along the journey, especially when you can see how far you've come. It is definitely a journey of faith!

Hoping for a good year for you as well. Thanks for being a blog friend & supporter!