Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Up and Moving

I'm doing well with the water drinking, and staying on the low carb eating lifestyle. Friday I ventured down to the basement where I've stored all of my great exercise equipment. I'm thankful the kids use it or it would have just been collecting dust the last couple years. Anyhoo....I walked on the elliptical for 30 minutes, done 25 crunches and 10 knee raises (on my vertical knee raise/chin dip thingy) and lots of stretching before and after.

I'm going to try and make Fridays my official weigh in day and won't be weighin in until next week since I weighed mid week this week. I'm trying to keep myself OFF the scales. I have a bad habit of weighing daily and its discouraging if I come down a pound one day just to go back up the next. I start thinking, "Well one day of eating whatever I want will not hurt me." Then I fall off the wagon and don't even attempt to get back on.

I know this has to be a lifestyle change. It's just that in the beginning when I start I'm so excited and almost *overboard* gung ho. You know? I tell myself baby steps but I just want to DO something. It's good I feel like doing something but I need to maintain this energy throughout the month and not soar for a week just to hit bottom the other three. Does anyone else get overly excited to quickly?

Last night I talked with a good friend of mine that I haven't spoken with in a few weeks. She told me about some very kewel aerobics classes that are being offered for free throughout two communities. They have classes everyday of the week at all times of the day with distances ranging from 15 minutes away to 35 minutes away, one way. Not too bad considering the classes are free. They offer a variety of choices such as Step Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Line Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Chair Aerobics, Cardio Dance, Kick Boxing Belly Dancing, Bhangra, and other styles of exercise classes. looks like I'm going to pick up a couple with her. They each last an hour and I'm not so sure I'm ready for hour long exercising just yet but she said I could break if I needed. Pray with me that I'll have the nerve to go and that these changes will be permanent.

Thanks friends....


Teresa said...

Wow we are ALOT alike. We matched on several things. Crazy. What are your kids names? I LOVE Meadow! So beautiful! This will take me days to do because I am boring but I will do it and THANK YOU! :)

Rebecca said...

I hope you get to go to classes with her! I can hardly get up the nerve unless I have a friend with me. Glad you have her.