Friday, February 27, 2009

Weighing In- Week 4

I've worked out really hard this week, a total of 4 hours of cardio and sculpting. I'm still so sore I don't quite trust my legs to support me with each step I take but it feels good. It feels good to be doing something.

I'm taking a break until Monday to give my body time to rest and then I'll go at it again next week!

My weigh in....are you ready for this?

starting weight/current weight/goal


I'm down 2 more pounds! WoW!

Eating low carb, drinking all water and working out is agreeing well with my body! It felt so good when I stepped on the scale this morning I screamed! :)


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Alicia said...

Thats so amazing!! keep up the good work :)

Love Alicia