Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remember to Pray for Aiden

Happy Valentine's Day!

The perfect Kiss!

Tony is so good with Aiden.

Aiden is looking at himself in the mirror. This is a picture of his reflection. Kewel huh!

I love to watch him make faces as he has just discovered his tongue! Ha!

Those eyes....

Found those tootsies!

My momma, stealing a kiss.

Concentrating on getting the toy.

Me with Aiden.

Roxy trying to give Aiden a kiss!

Aiden looking at the rose...

He really didn't know what to think.

What a beautiful boy.

Always happy, always smiling!

Tony playing with Aiden.

Meadow, helping give Aiden his bath.

Did you see those eyes?

Me and Aiden again.

Please remember to keep Aiden, his mother (who is in jail), and my sister in law (who is caring for Aiden) in your prayers.

(Note: These pictures were taken with my Nikon D 80. No photoshop. The only touch ups done were the black and white effect and the cropping of some of them. I'm pretty proud of myself.)

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Alicia said...

That baby is super cute! It makes me happy just to look at him,WoW. I'll be praying for that little guy, his mother, and your sister in law.

Love alicia