Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Weekend

All in all everything was really good this weekend. Saturday was tough. I had to fight myself to maintain but through Christ I won. We visited my hubby's sister for a birthday party. The little baby that she's been given was there of course and they were planning a belated baby shower at their church. Why does that bother me so? It's got to be just plain ole jealousy. I know its a natural thing for those of us experiencing infertility to feel this way but don't you just hate it! I hate that I'm jealous. I prayed so hard. I was tense at first. Plus I had some words with my oldest daughter. My hubby took me to the car and he allowed me to vent it out and when I went back I was better. The best therapy was just picking up that baby and loving on him. It released me in so many ways. I held him, I fed him and I changed his diapers. I could feel the Lord's embrace around me as I embraced that little 3 week old baby boy. I prayed for his momma in jail and I prayed for the Lord to protect him. He's going have a rough road. The night went well.

Today's sermon was moving. You know Jesus went through so much more than I am. When calvary is bought to the light and you think about Jesus being beaten, spit on, His beard and hair pulled out, 39 stripes, mocked and made fun of, humiliated, watching His garments being gambled for and being nailed to the cross....what I'm going through is nothing. He did it all for me and you. He endured it all for me and you. He willingly committed His spirit to the Father. The devil took nothing, he won nothing. Jesus fulfilled the prophecy. Thank-You my Savior! Thank-You! And let's not forget that He was raised 3 days later!! Hallelujah!

Tonight my husband brought the word. His sermon titled,"A Wait Problem." He talked about waiting on the Lord. He gave wonderful scriptures from Psalms and talked about David being anointed to become king but how he had to wait 20 years. There are more than 20 verses in Psalms stating, "To Wait on the Lord." Do you want to know what it brought to my mind?

Patience, and how little I've had lately.

Then he went on to preach the other side of wait. When God calls us to do something and we say, "Wait Lord." He taught on how precious time is and that we don't know how much time we have. Our ultimate purpose being seeking souls for God's kingdom, being kingdom seekers. I had a lot of revelation today and I pray that the Lord can use it to help you also.

Father God I pray that Your will be my will. Lord I pray that I not try to conform Your will into my life but that my life be conformed into Your will! Lord open my eyes that I may see and my ears that I may hear. Help me to have revelation over what You are trying to teach me. Help me to stay in line with Your word. I love You Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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