Monday, August 18, 2008

So Blah

I had such a short flo. I mean short. I started Friday morning heavy and by Saturday noon it was gone. Gone. Very little spotting on through today. Yesterday after searching the net I became concerned that maybe there was a tiny remote possibility that I could be pregnant and I surely didn't want to begin taking clomid if I were, so...last night I used another pregnancy test to confirm what I already knew. I wasn't pregnant but I had to be sure. So I took my clomid at bedtime. So far I've remembered to take my temperatures too. This is a biggie for me because last month I blew my temperatures and they are very important.

Dh came in this afternoon and we ate dinner and went to bed. I woke up feeling horrible. Totally blah. The sleep felt good but the waking up didn't. I'll be up through the night today and I have a lot to do tomorrow.

I've been reading tons of stuff online. I've been reading and searching out other bloggers dealing with infertility, trying to find a message board and of course just researching. I read on one ladies blog that a few vitamins helped her to conceive. So I've ordered several and I'm pretty excited about them coming. I hope they hurry. I'll definitely share if I have any success with them. Some days there is nothing to do but wait and you just wish there was something you could do. Right now it'd be great if my mind could think about something else! :)

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