Monday, August 25, 2008

To be or not to be.....aggravated

I went to Walmart tonight (on our way to the parent/teacher conference) to pick up my shot and they informed me that no one had called anything in. I really don't know if my RE forgot or if Walmart's answering machine messed up, either way I don't have my shot for tomorrow.

I'm going to have to call my RE in the morning when they open and get them to call it in to a pharmacy where they are that has it in stock. Walmart takes 24 hours to get it. Its hard for me to not think that this is something that SHOULD be controlled and NOT a problem for me. I really hope it wasn't my RE's mistake because the only other option I would have would be to travel over 2 hours away to a better clinic and I'm already driving an hour and 10 minutes. I don't want to drive any further. I really like the clinic I'm at, the people are so good to me, so caring and I'm able to talk to them. I would hate to think they are so careless to forget to call in my prescription.

I'm just going to trust it was an honest mistake or a big fluke or something. Another attempt from the enemy to bring down the walls on me and I'm going to bind up this attack in the name of Jesus and trust my Lord that all things happen in His time and according to His plan. I'm going to trust that I will be able to pick my shot up near my RE's office tomorrow and keep on moving. I'm going to believe that this month is going to be the month. I'm going to hope against all odds. I'm not going to even allow myself to get upset or think bad. I've prayed this since I stopped my tears and sucked it up in Walmart. I choose NOT to be aggravated.

Whew! :)

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These Three Kings said... about speaking TRUTH to yourself...thank you for such a godly example... I believe the LORD will reward your self control in choosing how to think about all this..

just prayed for you :)