Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Hanging In There

The waiting has begun. I want to come here and post and then I go, um...well there is nothing new to post. The next two weeks or so will be just waiting. I actually enjoyed going to the RE and having the sonogram and giving myself the shot this month. It felt satisfying because I was actually getting to DO something. The hard part is waiting. I am praying that my patience be strengthened and that my wait not be a nervous or even an impatient wait but that I can wait in the peace of my Lord.

Oh, I can update on my little girl. I took her to the Dr. on Friday and they took blood and ran a few test. One test showed her heart beating 30 more times a minute while laying down than when she was sitting up. She goes for her EKG this Friday. She is doing well and has had no more spells since the last big one (other than a little tiny one and I think it was more from her being scared.)

Dh and I are doing great. My emotions have been so incredibly stable this month. My heart has actually been full of joy. We have been talking a lot and I LOVE that. I finally feel like we are on the same page. Isn't God good! We discussed what to do if this wasn't our month and we both agreed on something big. We decided that next month I'll take the medicine (whether it be Femera or Clomid again) and I'll have the sonogram and give myself the shot and then we are going to schedule our first IUI.


I was amazed that dh had peace with that. Of course we are praying that this month is our month and we are conceiving but if not we know where we are headed next month. This is so big for me. Dh was completely against these procedures when we first began this journey and I have been praying that the Lord give dh peace with which steps we were to take and that I not come against him. I look at the time that has lapsed since I began this blog and God is working rather quickly. I just want to give Him all the praise and glory. I truly want His will to be done in my life.

Lord help me not to try and conform Your will to my life. Help me to conform my life to Your will. Amen.

I have to pray that everyday. Be blessed my fellow sisters. Hugs!

(oh my I did have a lot to say!)

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