Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back

Ok so everything I'm going through I'm going through for the first time as far as these infertility procedures. I use to think I was really good at asking all the good questions and learning exactly what is going on where treatment/care was concerned. I feel so ignorant or foreign may be a better word for all of this that I'm going through. I had no idea what to expect today.

I went into my RE's office and there was no wait. Zilch. I didn't even get a chance to relax or even think about what was happening next for that matter. I went in for my sonogram with Paula (I suppose she is a tech or something) and it was so fast. I mean like maybe 6-8 minutes. I was like wow. I thought sonograms took time! I was shown my uterus and told that all is well. My lining was very good and they were happy with that because they often find that clomid thins the endometrial lining too much. It needs to be at least a 6 and I was a 9.5.

Paula looked to my left ovary first. She immediately found a follicle that measured almost 18. I was told they needed to be 18-20. I'm not sure 18-20 what, is this cm or mm? I haven't a clue. There were several smaller ones, really small no need to even measure so she moved onto the right side. She found nothing even remotely close to being a good follicle. So I only have one follicle. She was very excited. I was extremely disappointed. For some reason I just knew there would be at least 2 and at the most 3. I was so hoping for twins. (Is this a desire of all women?)

My RE said for me to wait until tomorrow night to give myself the shot. The shot is Ovidrel 0.25mg. They want the follicle to grow another 34 hours or so. They also did another blood test. I'm not sure what this test was. I'm wanting to say it was estrodial. Paula just called a few moments ago and said that the test come back great and that my follicle is mature. They are very pleased with my progress.

If however we have no success this month next month they want to do a test I believe she called a postcoidal test.

Oh and Paula assured me that she did call my prescription for the shot into my local Walmart and that it had to be their mistake. She had noted it in my chart and noted that she did have to leave a message. This was reassuring to me. I used the pharmacy local to my RE's office and it was high. It cost me $69. I'm going to call Barron's Pharmacy and see if they can deliver to me and if so I'm going to get my RE to call my shots to them and save me a whopping $28 per shot, hopefully.

So that's it ladies. Keep me in your prayers, that this will be the month.

Now we wait.


beth ewing said...

you are too cute. it's 18mm but not that it matters. 18 is great. and i think the desire for twins is definitely every infertile woman's dream. i know it is mine.

Jesus, My Best Friend said...

yep ... beth took the words out of my mouth. i just figured out that it was mm myself a few weeks ago. definitely call barron's pharmacy next time. that's where i get my hcg shot for only 41 dollars. much cheaper. if u need their number i have it. Praying for you!!!